Because Carla Passerelle and Maude Relevable are neighbors, they are constantly collaborating on projects particularly around the garden.

Growing things in Colorado can be challenging. Because there is some much good information on the Internet at places like: https://www.precisionfarmingsolutions.net Carla and Maude are always researching the items of interest to them.

The two girls like to plan everything very meticulously, and planning is also something that is highly suggested by guys like Rick Applegate at https://www.precisionfarmingsolutions.net where you will find all kinds of tips and plenty of gear, too!

Part of Colorado’s challenge is
the short growing season.

Then, there are really a limited variety of vegetables that grow well in this climate.

In an effort to enhance their growing area, the girls got the pancake compressor out of the garage, attached the pneumatic stapler to it and began creating an expedient greenhouse made from furring strips and rolls of plastic.

Greens and head lettuces can be started inside in winter or directly sown outside from March 15th to early April. When temperatures get cold at night, it can be helpful to cover the plants with cloth to protect them.

Collard greens, kale, mustard greens take well to the cold and can even become sweeter when there is a nip in the air. So the takeaway here is to start your seeds inside six to eight weeks before the region’s average first frost date.

Most locations in Colorado share the average frost date between May 15th and May 30th. The higher the altitude, the later the frost date because warm Spring temperatures come later in the mountains.

The girls have been able to grow some
of the warmth-loving vegetables like peppers and
tomatoes by advantaging their greenhouse.

The days any crop take to achieve maturity are also variable. For example, radishes which like cool temperatures and can be ready to eat in just thirty days where larger tomatoes can take up to ninety days.

Not every farmer plans on starting up an industrial strength Ag farming business like the kinds that are supported at https://www.precisionfarmingsolutions.net but essentially, the growing process is similar. The soil must be good, properly aerated, supplemented with the proper minerals and fertilizers, have the right amount of water and proper drainage. For seed starting in Colorado, the oblong plastic trays with clear domes help keep the conditions ideal for germination.

A warming mat can be placed under the seeds while other folks just find a warm spot in their house like the heat from the back of a refrigerator. You want to get the temperature above fifty-five degrees Fahrenheit to get seeds to germinate.

While this is their first year giving it a crack, they are pleased with what they learned by reading: https://www.precisionfarmingsolutions.net and they plan on doing it all over again as soon as the winter snows clear.




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