We Will Soon Have A New Taxi Service Devoted Exclusively To Evergreen!

Good Morning, friends and neighbors! This is Carla Passerelle and Maude Relevable here, the owners and operators of The Evergreen Speaker, your reliable on-line source for all local gossip, great shopping bargains, and wonderful little, heartwarming stories about things that are happening in the enchanted little wonderland of Evergreen, Colorado.

Today we have a really exciting story for you. It’s about…would you believe it?—nothing less than: Evergreen Taxi Services!

That’s right, friends and neighbors: we will soon have a taxi service that is devoted exclusively to Evergreen!

Ever since the closure of Mountain Taxi a few months ago, many of us local Evergreeners have started to feel kind of marooned, stranded.

That’s because how do we get out to the airport if we don’t want to take our cars and leave them out there? Or how do we arrange for someone to pick us up for a quick shopping trip into Lakewood or downtown Denver?—if we don’t feel like driving?

It used to be that we could call Mountain Taxi, and someone would show up in front of our door within about fifteen or twenty minutes, and take us wherever we wanted to go.

But Mountain Taxi went out of business a few months ago. So what are we going to do? If we call Metro Taxi or Yellow Cab, they might come all the way up to Evergreen to pick us up, but then again they might not.

In fact it’s much more likely that they won’t come to pick us up all the way up here in Evergreen. We have been hearing so many complaints about that over the past few weeks! People have been telling us that we need a new taxi service up here, one that will always be here when we need it, one that we can depend upon.

And so here’s the news: Mr. Drayton Dunwody of Westminster has started a new taxi service especially for Evergreen. His office will be down in Lakewood, but he promises that he will have a driver up here in Evergreen all the time to service us in the way that we want to be serviced.

He says it will be the best taxi service we have ever had up here. We said that we would believe that when we could see it.

So give him a chance to prove himself. The next time you need a cab, give Mr. Dunwody a call—at 720-897-5240. If he turns out to be as good as he says he will be, then he can look forward to a long prosperous run here in Evergreen.


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